Summer Camping Committee

The Camp Hardtner Summer Camping Committee is the group responsible for the summer camping program. It is made up of appointed volunteers who work year round to make sure that each summer is the best it can be!

They are responsible for:

  1. Setting the calendar dates each summer
  2. Hiring and training the Permanent Staff
  3. Recommending Deans for each session
  4. Helping the Deans to recruit and train Camp Staff
  5. Preparing and activating camper applications
  6. Evaluating the summer sessions
  7. And much more!


Current Committee Members

  • Susan Walpole, Chair, 2020
  • The Rev. Michael Bordelon, 2019
  • Rebecca Veith, 2019
  • Angela Matherne, 2019
  • The Rev. Skully Knight, 2020
  • Brandon Brown, 2020
  • Ashley Thom, Assistant Chair, 2021
  • Rita Jefferson, 2021
  • Lisa Hightower, 2021
  • Joy Owensby, Staff Support

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