Commission on Youth/Young Adults

Commission on Youth and Young Adult Ministries

The Diocesan Youth Commission is a board of young people and adults who represent all five of the convocations in the diocese.  The purpose of the board is to review and to help plan the youth events that will occur within the diocese. The board is there to strengthen and support all of the youth activities, and to be available to each of the convocational areas for questions of concerns that they may have. The board also helps to train the staff for future work with the youth of the Diocese of Western Louisiana.


The Rev. Michael Bordelon, Chair (2018)                                                                    

The Very Rev'd Thomas Nsubuga (2017)

The Rev. Brandt Montgomery (2018)

The Rev. Seth Donald (2018)

Rob Gilchrist (2017)

Corey Harrington (2018)

Jacob LeMeunier (2018) 

Tracy Stodghill (2019)                                                                 

Lisa Hightower (2019)                                                                      

Katy Campbell (2019)                                                                              


Joanitah Nakiggwe (2017)

Eric Stevenson (2018)

Gabrielle Snow (2018)

Cade Strozyszyn (2018)

Katelyn Hackett (2018)                                                                          






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