Diocesan Council

The Diocesan Council exercises the authority of the Diocesan Convention between meetings of the convention and it is authorized to take any action consistent with the actions of the previous convention.

The Diocesan Council is also responsible for the development and extension of the work of the Church. The care of vacant property, the acquisition and disposition of diocesan property is also a responsibility of the Diocesan Council.

As stipulated by diocesan canon, the bishop is the president and executive officer and presides over the meetings of the Diocesan Council.

The Diocesan Council is also charged with the promotion of sound stewardship within the diocese and is authorized to secure from each congregation an annual pledge of its financial commitment to the diocese for the work of the church. It also prepares and submits a proposed yearly budget to Convention. The Diocesan Council meets at least twice a year.


President: The Rt. Rev. Jacob W. Owensby, Ph..D., D.D.

Vice-President: The Rev. Whitfield Stodghill

Secretary: Nancy Shaw

President of the Standing Committee: The Rev. Richard Norman

2017 Diocesan Council Liaisons 

PROGRAM DEPARTMENTS of the Diocesan Council

The ministries of the Diocese of Western Louisiana are placed in five
departments with the members of the council as as liaisons to the ministries
that comprise each of the program departments. Additional members of each department may be appointed by Bishop Owensby.

 Departmental Structure

Department of Christian Formation

Christian Formation will oversee and share in the ministries of the diocese that provide for the nurturing and development of individual spiritual growth and ministries that collectively provide for the bringing together of the Body of Christ within the Episcopal Diocese of Western Louisiana to share in Christian fellowship and renewal as individuals and groups.

 • Youth Commission • CLEY • JEYL • National Youth Event • Provincial Youth Event
• New Beginnings • Happening • Vocaré
• Christian Education Commission • Cursillo • Summer Camping Commission

Department of Finance

The demonstrated fiscal responsibility that we share as stewards of that which God has provided us falls under the purview of the Finance Department. This will include, but not be limited to, the ongoing evaluation of the financial affairs of the diocese; the demonstrated accountability of those receiving funds for the purpose of carrying out ministry; and in evaluating and recommending the applications of congregations and institutions for presentation to the Diocesan Council, Standing Committee or Diocesan Trustees when financial liability is involved.

• Hardtner • Stewardship Chair Expenses • General Convention
Deputy Expenses • General Convention Youth Expenses • Synod Expenses • ECW
triennial • All Saints' Trustee Reimbursement
• Diocesan House

Department of Mission

The Mission Department will serve in the role of providing assistance and working with the Office of the Bishop in the work related to increasing the viability of the congregations in furthering the mission of the church, and in particular, the building up of the Kingdom of God. This will include the oversight of mission congregation work and ministry; the study, recommendation and development of new church starts; and with consultation and program in the area of congregational development.

• New Congregations • Congregational Development • College Chaplaincy • Mission Assistance • Episcopal School of Acadiana
• Center for Small Churches • Canon Missioner • Domincan Development Group
• New Church Development • International
Mission • Evangelism Commission

Department of Outreach

Ministries gathered under this department will be those that touch the lives of people outside of the congregational setting. Through this area of oversight, assistance will be provided to the Office of the Bishop in the evaluation of the ongoing effectiveness of these various ministries. In the area of grant requests from outside ministries, projects and programs, the Outreach Department will provide counsel to the Office of the Bishop in the form of evaluations and recommendations.

• Kairos • Shepherd's Center • AIDS, etc., Taskforces • Church Periodical Club

Department of Program

The diocese is blessed with a vast number of ministry programs that touch and enrich the lives of people within our diocese and through the congregational settings. The Program Department will oversee and share in these ministries through the form of program and budget evaluation and recommendation. An important element of this is through the members of the department being connected to these ministries in the role of liaison.

• Liturgy & Music • Education For Ministry • Solo Flight • Lay Conferences
• Daughters of the King • Commission on Spiritual Formation • ALIVE!
• Diocesan Website • Louisiana Interchurch Conference • Addiction & Recovery
• Episcopal Schools Commission • Episcopal Church Women
• Time for JOY

Areas of Ministry Development, the Commission on Ministry,
Clergy Development and Deployment, Continuing Education and related fields
are under the direction of the Office of the Bishop.

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