Congregational Vitality Institute

The Episcopal Diocese of Western Louisiana has created a new initiative that can benefit all of its congregations. Within the vision of Bishop Jake Owensby is an enriched congregational vitality throughout the Diocese. This new initiative is the formation of the Congregational Vitality Institute

The Congregation Vitality Institute (CVI) is a leadership training program focused on strengthening the spiritual community, and the organizational life of the congregations of Western Louisiana, emphasizing their calling to be missional churches.

The Institute’s goal is to equip lay leaders to serve in their congregations in mutual ministry
with their ordained clergy.

CVI is an integrated training experience that engages participants in the issues and dynamics they face as congregational leaders. It is a program for leaders who desire to make their congregations:

                        Stronger and more healthy

                        More visible in their communities

                        More deeply rooted in the Anglican tradition

                        Fully responsive to God as missional churches.

   CVI will focus on sharing the Gospel, inviting and incorporating new members, identifying and responding to community needs with hands-on outreach ministries, and emphasize how disciples correctly handle money.

We will also deepen our Anglican roots and focus on how lively music and engaging liturgy presented each Sunday, feeds a vital congregation.

These learning opportunities will grow awareness and develop personal skills, as well as provide tools needed for congregational growth.

A congregation’s outlook can be changed from one of “merely surviving” to the development of robust health for the congregation. One’s focus can change from “the attraction of membership” to a focus on mission.

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Session Dates for 2017:

  • March 18
  • July 15
  • Oct. 28 

For information on the Congregational Vitality Institute, contact
The Rev. Canon Bill Bryant at


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