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Kairos is the interdenominational ministry introduced in Louisiana in 1993 at Angola, which now operates in twenty-seven states plus Australia, Canada, England, and the Republic of South Africa. The ministry continues to be introduced into additional correctional institutions, and on most weekends at least one Kairos short-course in Christianity is spreading the love of Jesus Christ somewhere in the world. Kairos has presented over 3,000 weekends.

Statistics show that 97% of incarcerated men and women will eventually be released. That means for every 100,000 prisoners, 97,000 will be released and will therefore be potential recidivists. Statistics show that attendance at a Kairos short- course in Christianity reduces recidivism by 10%. Multplying 9,700 people at $26,000 a year (cost of incarceration) equals a savings of 252 million dollars in one year alone! And surely some of these ex-offenders will remain out of prison for more than one year.

 In Louisiana, Kairos continues to offer Three-Day Short Courses in Christianity, Two-Day Residents’ Retreats, Monthly Reunions, and help with weekly Share-and-Prayer Group sessions in Angola, Louisiana Correctional Institution for Women (St. Gabriel), Wade (Homer), and Winn (Winnfield).
 Kairos Outside, which is for female family members of incarcerated men and women, was introduced in the fall of 1999. In 2000 the ministry was extended into Oakdale, a federal prison southwest of Alexandria, and the first Kairos Discipleship Weekends in South Louisiana.

Contact person: Bradley L. Drell, 2123 Marye Street, Alexandria, LA 71301, (318)445-6471