CENLA Interfaith Immigration Center

The Central Louisiana Interfaith Immigration Center (CLIIC) was founded in 2009 in partnership with the Roman Catholic Diocese of Alexandria, the Episcopal Diocese of Western Louisiana, the Louisiana Conference of the United Methodist Church and Northern and Central Louisiana Interfaith.  It is a collaborative effort serving individuals of all races, creeds, ethnic, religious, and geographic backgrounds. Our mission is to welcome immigrants into our communities by providing affordable, high-quality immigration legal services, education and advocacy.  The program provides a broad range of immigration counseling and representation to immigrants and their families. Services we offer include:

● Family Visa Petitions
● Adjustment of Status Applications
● Consular Visa Processing
● Representation of Abused Women /Victims of Violent Crimes
● Naturalization/Citizenship Applications
● Applications for Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals
● Permanent resident applications for refugees and asylees
● Document renewals and replacements
● Education and Outreach about immigration law

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