General Convention 2018

Each diocese is invited to elect up to four Clergy Deputies and up to four Lay Deputies as their representatives in the House of Deputies. Our Deputies were elected at the 2016 Diocesan Convention.

These are the individuals that, along with Bishop Owensby, will be voting on matters at General Convention representing our Diocese.

Our Diocese chooses to send the first Clergy Alternate and first Lay Alternate in addition to our four Clergy Deputies and four Lay Deputies to General Convention. These Alternates can replace a Clergy or Lay Deputy if needed.

Below you will find a list of our Clergy and Lay Deputies and first Alternates that will be attending 2018 General Convention.


The Rev. Seth Donald

The Rev. Annie Etheredge

The Rev. Deacon Lois Maberry

The Rev. Thomas Nsubuga, Chair 

The Rev. Canon John Bedingfield, First Alternate 


Reece Middleton

Andrea Petrosh 

John Robert 

Nancy Shaw

Will Harp, First Alternate


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General Convention Glossary

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GC 2018 Draft Schedule 

House of Deputies

How Does General Convention Conduct Legislative Work? 


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