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Transitions and Deployment

Deployment in the Diocese of Western Louisiana

The Episcopal Diocese of Western Louisiana welcomes applications from priests,
transitional deacons and seminarians who believe they have a call to serve in this
part of God’s Kingdom. The ministry of and in this diocese is a sacred missionary
trust given by God to the people, bishop, clergy and congregations of the western
portion of Louisiana. We welcome your interest and pray that you have sought God’s
direction in applying here.

All contact regarding placement in the diocese should be sent to:

The Rev. Canon John Bedingfield
(318) 442-1304 (ext 4)


When Applying for a Search Process in this diocese

Seminarians must also provide this information

Supply Clergy:
Openings, Resources and Forms:

Openings in the Diocese of Western Louisiana

Transitions/Deployment Resources for Clergy  here

Definitions in the Calling Process here

Priests Transitioning Out of a Call -- Resignation/Retirement  here  

When the Rector Resigns or Retires -- Congregational Guidelines    here

Interim Clergy in the Diocese of Western Louisiana    here

Seminarians Interested in W. LA. -- Form   here

The Search Process -- a graphic view   here

Narrative Questions for Congregations in the Search Process  here

Confidentiality Expectations in the Parish Search Process   here

Compensation Terminology  here

Rector's Letter of Agreement -- Template  here

Associate/Curate Letter of Agreement -- Template  here

Interim Priest Letter of Agreement -- Template     here 

Letter from a priest-in-charge for the interim   here

Commissioning of a Search Committee -- Liturgical Resource  here

Office of Transition Ministry, the Episcopal Church 

Diocesan Customary

Customary Appendix A: Clergy Information Form

Customary Appendix B: Non-Parochial Clergy Report 

Customary Appendix C: Declaration of Intention

Customary Appendix D: Remarriage Petition

Customary Appendix E: Report of Marriage