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Safeguarding Training: Safeguarding Online™

The Diocese of Western Louisiana takes matters of safety seriously, especially keeping our children, youth, and adults safe from all forms of sexual misconduct while they are at church or participating in church activities.  Abuse prevention training is mandatory for those working with children and youth.  In many circumstances, adults are also required to receive instruction in the prevention of adult sexual exploitation and harassment.

All training is provided through Safeguarding Online™, which you can access anytime, from anywhere that you have a high-speed Internet connection.

New employees and volunteers who are not certified will need to take the online version of the courses within the timeframe provided by your supervisor.  To maintain certification, everyone will be required to take a short refresher course and review diocesan policies every three years.

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Please note:  

At present, we are beginning to implement new policies and requirements.  To read the new Policies for the Protection of Children and Youth, click here.

To see a timeline of the implementation process, click here.

Rectors/Vicars/Priests in Charge/Wardens/Heads of Schools:  Please submit the name of your Safe Church Minister here.

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Shreveport, March 6

Lafayette, March 8

Alexandria, April 10