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Summer Camping

The Summer Camping Program at the Hardtner Camp and Conference Center

The Hardtner Camp and Conference Summer Camping Program continues to create an atmosphere of love and acceptance for campers, counselors and staff.  This is accomplished each summer with an organized program of worship, music and recreational activities that encourages creativity, and acceptance that allows God’s love to flow freely.  Each summer, more than 500 young people attend the various camp sessions held at the Hardtner Camp & Conference Center. It takes many people to have a successful summer camping program.
A creative training staff equips the counselors with the many skills they will need during the summer with each camp session.  Many Camp Staff members (adults) come in with the program for each camp session and share their creativity with the campers and the Permanent Camp Staff.  Nurses, who bring tender loving care to the Infirmary, are also a part of every camp staff.  CIT's (Counselors-in-training) who give a week or two to learn what it takes to be a counselor, are also a part of each camp staff.
The final ingredients for the camp staff are the Permanent Staff (Counselors) —seventeen to nineteen outstanding young men and women who set the tone for a great summer. These exceptional young people share unconditionally their love, encouragement, creativity, support and their deep faith with the many campers that are entrusted to them during the summer.

Our Rules of Life at Hardtner

• We are a community of daily worship and prayer.

• Out of our worship and communion with God, we strive to respect the uniqueness of each individual.

• We do not put ourselves or one another down.

• Instead, we are willing to level with one another in love, honoring one another with honesty and respect.

• Whatever we do, we do out of love for God, self and one another. We are in life together.

•Therefore, we are willing to give all we are to one another and, with God's help, to offer more.

•In everything we do, we seek to be open to the Holy Spirit.


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